About Us


Full time travel life from Nov 2021. Spent months in Russia, Mexico, Central America, Portugal.  Vacations in Europe, UK, the Caribbean, traveled and camped throughout the US.

In a loving relationship.  American.  Dog lover.  Jazz pianist.  Sailor. Skier. Hiker. Yoga enthusiast.  Surfer.  Divorced father of 3 awesome adults.  English teacher.

Likes: getting to know & experience life in other countries, healthy food, red wine (!), dancing—80’s dance party/and most all music, exercise, walking, discovering, reading (mysteries, spy thrillers, history, how-to), museums.

Dislikes: being told what to think or do.  Disrespect.  Self-aggrandizement.  Cruelty.

Instead of living in a spot on the map, where you live now IS the map.