OK, let’s start the day the right way: with a green shake!

Want a tasty way to get vegetables, fiber and protein on board for energy and vitality throughout your morning? This breakfast shake is super easy to make with readily available ingredients… Just remember to freeze the bananas the night before!


Ice 8 US sized cubes
Spinach 2 C
Peanut Butter 2 TBSP
Chia seeds 2 TBSP
Cinnamon 2 TBSP Ground (Cut this in half if you’re a wimp)
Banana 2 Chopped, frozen
Almond milk 2 C ( Upgrade: Almond-Coconut milk)

Instructions: combine everything, blend & enjoy!

Tip: Put ice on bottom if your blender is shit, like ours. Use gravity by putting bananas last to help push the concoction down into the blender blades. Pour Almond milk last.

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