Exploring Hinterhaus Ruins, Spitz, Austria

My favorite kind of attraction has no rules, no gated-off areas, no signage

Just you and your imagination…

Walking up the steep footpath and entering these ruins you see commanding views of the Danube, which brings an exciting jolt of discovery and wonder—so different from the curated attractions in Vienna (a 75 minute drive).

The Kuenringers rulers, their families and Feudal Knights used this stronghold to rule over the entire Wachau from here from the 13th through 16th centuries.


Ruin Hinterhaus, a UNESCO heritage site, is free and open to visit. Get there by car through the pretty Wachau Valley, with its plentiful wineries, hikes and bike routes.

Go on the Summer or Winter Solstice to see fireworks, drink hot mulled wine and hang out by the bonfire!


Address: Auf der Wehr 21, 3620 Spitz, Austria

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