Book Review: The Left-Handed Twin

I’m a huge fan of Perry’s Butcher’s Boy books. I branched out to his Jane Whitefield series a few years ago. Jane lives in two worlds: as a small town surgeon’s wife, and as a “guide” who helps desperate people disappear. Jane’s heritage is Native American. Perry deftly weaves Seneca beliefs and cultural references into Jane’s personal motivations and actions, as she tries to protect and hide innocents that have pissed off the wrong people. In the Left-Handed Twin, Jane is helping a woman escape from a criminal gang that has vast resources in multiple US cities. The Russian gang is highly motivated to catch and kill her. Perry weaves a unique tale of modern romance with her “normal” husband, Native American culture and references, snazzy plot twists and flat-out adventure as Jane navigates the terrifying world of fugitive on the lam. It’ll keep you entertained, and maybe you want to bookmark the tips how to disappear, just in case…

* * *

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