A Day in the Life of Split, Croatia

Hey, it’s just a day! This photo essay shows one random day in a place we’ve stayed at for months. Here’s what we see on a typical day, not the tourist sights, and not our impressions of the place, just what we see…

April 25, 2022. Early morning waterfront dog walk, a chance meeting with other dogs in Sustipan Park, and a bonus hike up to Marjan Park!

After our morning stroll (a 2 mile, 5000 step wake-up), it’s time to make the green shake and get ready for the day, then head back outside…

…of course, working at a cafe overlooking the harbor isn’t really heavy-lifting…Dire Straits’ lyrics, “That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it,” comes to mind…

It’s time to go back and reset for the evening. When we head out again, Split has taken on a much different ambience…

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