Goals for 2023 – Sarah

According to an article I read this morning (titled something like Tips on Achieving a Dry January – which we’re doing, starting today – bye bye booze for now), if you share your goals with others you are more likely to achieve them. In that spirit and with the hope that it’ll actually help, here are my goals for the coming year:

Health & Wellness Goals:

  • Develop and implement a sustainable exercise routine (HIIT, hiking, power yoga, swimming)
  • Develop and implement a sustainable wellness routine (yin yoga and meditation)
  • Dry January (and drinking less throughout the rest of the year)
  • Figure out anger issues and address emotional regulation issues (which drinking does not help!)
  • Figure out optimal health insurance options and make all appts for screenings (colonoscopy, mammogram, etc.)
  • Wean off news addiction (in other words, quit checking CNN twelve times a day)

Interpersonal Goals:

  • Meet more people, locals as well as nomads/expats (attend more digital nomad meetups, maybe in-person yoga classes and can also troll FB Groups and MeetUp for people to do things with – hiking, etc.)
  • Practice emotional regulation and figure out ways to no longer fight with John (see above re: drinking too much is not good for us)
  • Finalize divorce (!!!!)

Professional/Educational Goals:

  • Learn any language well enough to have a basic conversation (step 1, pick a language)
  • FINISH writing a story
  • Develop a journaling practice
  • Redesign the blog and write regularly
  • Learn more about selling travel photos online (to shutterstock/getty/etc.) (see below re: side hustle)

Financial Goals:

  • Find a realistic way to make some extra money (side hustle)
  • Open a Roth IRA and figure out best (tax-wise) method for rolling over 401(k)s
  • Create a will, POA, medical health proxy

Travel Goals:

  • Plan the ideal Camino de Santiago walk
  • Plan a 2023 visit home
  • Create an attainable/realistic European bucket list

Attainable? I guess we’ll see! But we’re starting off right – we’re getting up with Turbo (and staying up), then immediately walking the dogs, having breakfast, working out, meditating, showering, and writing for at least 10 minutes before we start the day. If we can keep that routine running we’re well on our way. I also downloaded the 1 Second Every Day app yesterday and hope that will help me keep up an every-evening journaling practice. Toying with the idea of creating a journaling section here on the site – for accountability purposes if nothing else. Any thoughts on a catchy section title???

Happy 2023!!

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