Book Review: The Third Victim, with pics of my current favorite view!

We’re staying at the base of Park Šuma Marjan in Split, Croatia. I like to climb up the 520 ft summit daily, but the stairs are brutal and endless. If I have time, I do the top section 3-5x, and with the descent it’s approximately 3 miles, 87 floors, 6,200 steps….for that, it helps to have some distraction!

The view is outstandingly beautiful once you get there!

Pushed for time, trying to find an audiobook as we headed out the door last Tuesday, and finding that none of my favorite authors had anything new out, I decided to try a series I hadn’t read by an author whose other works I like. I’d enjoyed Margolin’s Dana Cutler series, but he seems to have given them up (the last one was published in 2013).

In The Third Victim, a former badass MMA fighter-turned-lawyer gets her first job out of law school with a big name defense attorney. I liked the narration style, and different voices that Therese Plummer (audiobook reader) uses. The subject is difficult (serial killer, kidnapping, torture and murder of women) so I went in skeptical, but the courtroom scenes aren’t overdone, the characters are all very believable, the dialogue realistic and the pacing of the plot twists are perfect to listen to and take your mind off exercise. It’s helped me face the difficult climb…and get to the top again and again!

* * *

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